Robotics Lab

  • Semester: Winter
  • Weekly hours: 4

This lab is intended for students from electrical engineering and mechotronics.


In the Robotics lab, students will learn how to use collaborative robots and try them out in practice. For this purpose, there is an introduction to the practical basics of robotics (including ROS, CAD, robot programming) in the first four lab courses. In a "Robothon", i.e. a block event with a duration of 5 days, the learned knowledge is then to be applied in an exciting project on human-robot collaboration. For this purpose, the students are divided into groups and have access to professional robot systems in the form of the Franka Emika Panda as well as other hardware such as 3D cameras.

  • Modeling and identification of system dynamics
  • Control with special consideration of compliance and environmental contacts
  • Basics of CAD modeling Use of 3D printing for rapid prototyping for robotic grippers
  • App-based robot programming
  • Project part: solution of a typical task for human-robot collaboration with professional robot systems

Results of previous Robothons can be viewed on the corresponding page of the roboterfabrik.



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