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Theses and Projects

This is a list of topics for Bachelor- (B) and Master theses (M), small (4 LP, S4) and large (8 LP, S8) Seminar projects as well as projects for Scientific Computing II (5 LP, SFII) currently available at the IRT.

Please contact our scientific staff members if there is no suitable thesis in the list but you are interested in one of our research topics. Often, an additional topic can be created. An exemplary  list of current and recent theses can be found at the end of this page.

Open Theses and Projetcs

  • M: Modelling and analysis of the pituitary-thyroid feedback loop.
    Prerequisites: Good skills in Matlab & Simulink, Background in Medical
    Engineering or Systems Biology, Background in Control (e.g. lectures
    Regelungstechnik I and II)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Müller (muellerirt.uni-hannover.de)
  • S4: Ausarbeitung regelungstechnischer Praktikumsversuche für einen 2DoF Helikopter. Voraussetzungen sind sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift (für das Verfassen von Laborskripten), sowie das erfolgreiche Bestehen der Prüfungen Regelungstechnik I und II. Viktoria Kleyman (kleymanirt.uni-hannover.de)

Recently issued or finished Theses and Projects

  • M: Implementation, Evaluation and Comparison of Feedback Linearization for Nonlinear Systems by Machine Learning (Torsten Lilge)
  • M: Evaluation , Extension and Implementation of Passivity-Based Control Methods for Bilateral Teleoperation (Marvin Becker)
  • M: Robotic Motion Planning Using Predicitve Multi-Agents and Circular Fields (Marvin Becker)
  • B: Evaluation and Implementation of a State-of-the-Art Low-Cost Robotic Hand (Marvin Becker)
  • B: Implementation and Analysis of Neural Network Based Observer (Viktoria Kleyman)
  • B: Human Hand Dynamic Modelling: Muscle Force Estimation and Control (Jumana Ma'touq)
  • M: Evaluation and Comparison of Learning Observers for Robotic Applications (Viktoria Kleyman, Torsten Lilge)
  • B: Evaluation and Comparison of Asymptotic Output Tracking for Non-Minimum Phase Systems (Torsten Lilge)