Robotics I

  • Semester: Summer
  • Weekly Hours: Lecture 2 + Exercises 1, Practical Exercises 1, 5 CP

This lecture is provided in summer and wintersemester with same contents but different lecturers. In the winter semester, the lecture is given the Institute of Mechatronic Systems and in summer semester by Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Müller at IRT.


  • Direct and inverse kinematics
  • Coordinate and homogeneous transformations
  • Denavit-Hartenberg-Notation
  • Jacobi-Matrices
  • Kinematically redundant mechanisms
  • Trajectory planning
  • Dynamics
  • Newton-Euler and Lagrange methods
  • Control
  • Interaction control
  • Sensors


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Further information on Stud.IP
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