Robotics I

Robotics I

  • Semester: Summer
  • Weekly Hours: Lecture 2 + Exercises 1, Practical Exercises 1, 5 CP

This lecture is provided in summer and wintersemester with same contents but different lecturers. In the winter semester, the lecture is given by Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Ortmaier at imes and in summer semester by Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Müller at IRT.


  • Direct and inverse kinematics
  • Coordinate and homogeneous transformations
  • Denavit-Hartenberg-Notation
  • Jacobi-Matrices
  • Kinematically redundant mechanisms
  • Trajectory planning
  • Dynamics
  • Newton-Euler and Lagrange methods
  • Control
  • Interaction control
  • Sensors


Further information on Stud.IP


Further information on Stud.IP