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M. Sc. Marvin Becker

Research Assistant
Institute of Automatic Control
Appelstr. 11
30167 Hannover
room: A032

phone:+49 511 762 14298
fax:+49 511 762 4536

Bild von M. Sc. Marvin Becker

About me

04/2017 up to now: Doctoral research assistant at the Institute of Automatic Control with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin

04/2014 – 10/2016: M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with major in Mechatronics and Automatic Control, Technische Universität München

10/2010 – 04/2014 B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Management, Technische Universität München


Fields of Interest

Safe Human-Robot Interaction, Motion Planning and Automatic Control


ILIAD - EU-funded research project on Intra-Logistics with Integrated Automatic Deployment for safe and scalable fleets in shared spaces. Link: https://iliad-project.eu/

Publications outside IRT

Hubmann, C.; Becker, M.; Althoff, D.; Lenz, D. and Stiller, C., „Decision making for autonomous driving considering interaction and uncertain prediction of surrounding vehicles“, in 2017 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)


Becker, M., „Decision Making for Autonomous Driving at Urban Intersections under Intention-Uncertainty of other Vehicles“, Master Thesis, BMW AG, fortiss GmbH and Robotics and Embedded Systems Group, Technische Universität München

Becker, M., „Integration of a low cost sensor system into an autonomous robot for the detection of transparent surfaces“, Semester Thesis, TUM CREATE Limited, Singapore

Becker, M., „Entwicklung einer Methodik für die formale Überführung eines Funktionsmodells in die mechanische CAD-Konstruktion“, Bachelor Thesis, Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management, Technische Universität München