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Organizational Facts

  • Semester: Summer semester
  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin
  • Credit points:  5CP (Lecture 2 + Tutorial 2)
  • Lecture: Tuesday, 16:15-17:45 h
  • Room: A003, building 3403 (Appelstr. 11a)
  • Tutorial: Block event (Hackathon)


  • Introduction

    • A short history of robotics
    • What is Human-Friendly Robotics?

  • Mechanical design and dynamic modelling for safety and performance

    • Stiff robots
    • Robots with flexible elements
    • Intrinsically compliant robots
    • Safety for physical Human-Robot Interaction

  • Control methods for unknown environments and Human-Robot Interaction

    • Perception and actuation
    • Motion control
    • Force and impedance control
    • Collision detection and reaction

  • Reactive motion generation

    • Static motion generation
    • Environment perception
    • Reactive motion generation in real-time
    • Fusion of vision and force

  • Motion planning

    • Motion planning algorithms
    • Obstacle avoidance techniques
    • Hierarchical motion generation



The turorial is partly organized as hackathon where the participants have to solve tasks in the context of human-robot-collaboration. The task is only loosely fixed leaving much freedon for the students for own innovative ideas.

Below some impressions from previous lectures at TU Munich given by Prof. Haddadin.