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Human Motor Control

  • Modeling of the musculoskeletal system
  • Human motion generation and neuromotor control
  • Prostheses and neural controlled assistant systems

Neurally controlled prosthesis and assistance systems

The application of mechatronics, robotics and control theory for problems such as novel intelligent assistant systems, especially neurally controlled prostheses and assistance robots is a major research focus at IRT. For example, the first experiments with a paraplegic person who continuously controlled a robot via neural signals only were successfully conducted during Prof. Haddadin's time at DLR. Following an initial simulation test phase of approximately 4 years neural control, a context sensitive task planner, and a safety concept were designed and implemented for the experimental phase of the project. Thereafter, the participant was able to guide a torque-controlled DLR lightweight robot equipped with a five-finger hand for fine manipulation.





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Conference Papers

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