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PEARL is a high-level language which allows to write multitasking and realtime programs in a comfortable and widely hardware independent way.

Important goals during the development of PEARL were a precise image of the realtime and multitasking problems and moreover an easy to learn language for the programmer. PEARL has a considerable similarity with other procedural languages. However, important differences are given by the elements of PEARL for solving multitasking and realtime problems.

PEARL was standardized in several versions by the 'Deutsches Institut für Normung' (DIN):

  • DIN 66253, Part 1, Basic PEARL, 1981
  • DIN 66253, Part 2, Full PEARL, 1982
  • DIN 66253, Part 3, Multiprocessor PEARL, 1988
  • DIN 66253, Part 2, PEARL 90, 1998
PEARL 90 is similar to Full PEARL. Some elements which are not of practical importants have been discarded. On the other hand, PEARL 90 contains some progressive extensions.

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